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Spring Maintenance

In spring, focus your home maintenance tasks on water damage prevention. Spring showers can invade your home through your roofline, windows or basement. There are also water damage culprits inside your home. Appliances and pipes can malfunction leading to leaks. The key to preventing as much water damage as possible is to regularly look for signs of water damage. Some are obvious while others may take some time to invade your everyday life. Use the following tips to catch water damage in your home before it escalates into a full-blown disaster.

Water Shut Off:

Find your water shut off valve and learn how to successfully turn off your water in case of an emergency. This is also helpful when making repairs.

Water Pressure:

Check your water pressure. It should be in the 40-60psi range. If your water pressure is above that range, lower it. High water pressure can damage your pipes over time. Water pressure gauges are helpful for keeping track. You can find them at your local home improvement store.

Water Detection Device:

Install water detection devices in areas of your home that are highly susceptible to water damage. These areas are most likely your attic, basement or crawl spaces. These devices alert you when they come into contact with moisture. This is a great tool to catch water damage as soon as it starts.

Signs of Water Damage:

Mold: Mold needs moisture to grow. If you find mold, look for its water source to eliminate mold in the long run. In addition, mold has a distinct odor. You may not be able to see the mold but if you smell something damp and musky, look for a nearby water source.

Ceiling Stains: Gray or yellow spots on your ceiling or walls is a sure sign of water damage. This often occurs underneath a second-floor bathroom or next to an interior damaged water pipe.

Sinking Floors: Changes in your flooring like sinking, a spongy feel or gaps in your floorboards can occur from excess water.

Water Bill:

Keep an eye on your water bill. Unforeseen spikes can be an indication of a burst pipe or leaky appliance. Make sure you investigate.


Your home probably contains many water-guzzling appliances. Inspect them often to prevent water damage. You can do this by observing your appliances as they run. Don’t forget to look for leaks underneath, behind and all around the appliance.


Your washing machine has a water hose that usually connects from the back of it to the wall. Since this hose is often tucked away, make an extra effort to check it. Otherwise, if it starts to leak you may not notice until a considerable amount of damage has already been done.


Inspect your home on a regular basis for leaks. This includes around bathtubs, toilets and windows. Anywhere that has the potential to be a source of water damage.

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