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Jumpstarting Damaged Businesses with Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is devastating no matter where it happens. It can halt construction projects, force families out of homes, or bring a flourishing business to a dead stop. While homes can often recover at their own pace, businesses are a different story. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, our fire damage restoration experts prioritize efficient and comprehensive restoration so your Des Moines, IA, business can resume with as few interruptions as possible.


Fire damage at your place of business can happen at any time. Faulty wiring, a kitchen mishap, or even arson can bring a company to its knees. Depending upon the extent of the damage and where it occurs, it can throw a wrench into production or force sales to halt unexpectedly. Because of the potential for lost business, efficient fire damage restoration is essential.


Our fire damage restoration professionals understand that one of the quickest ways for a business to lose its prominence in a community is for it to be unavailable when it’s needed by potential clients. In order to expedite the restoration process, our fire damage teams handle every aspect of your complete recovery. This includes everything from pack out services to deep cleaning preceding and following the fire damage repair process.


Regardless of how much damage your business sustained our restoration teams will provide complete and effective restoration services. We prioritize speed and efficiency so your company can begin to resume its normal operations as soon as possible. In order to minimize lost revenue our teams are available 24/7/365 for on-site assessments and expert assistance.


Fire damage rarely occurs on a convenient schedule. The first step is to reach out to experts who can help quickly and on your terms. Des Moines, IA, business owners can contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey today to take control of their recovery and return to normal operations as quickly as possible. Contact us today at (515) 262-7602 or directly online for additional information.