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Odor Removal and Cleaning for Businesses Recovering from Fire Damage

Fire damage brings with it myriad troubles for any Polk City, IA, business. Beyond structural damage and interrupted service, the lasting side effects of a fire in your building can distract employees and deter potential customers. In fact, something as minor as a stubborn, smoky smell could make a major impact on your business’ success. If your place of work is struggling with odor removal, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey can provide comprehensive odor cleanup services to leave your building smelling fresh and ready for business.


Odors can make people disinclined to return to your place of business, and lasting smells from fire damage are no different. Though it may seem like a lower priority than other forms of fire cleanup, if neglected, a lasting smell can get worse or begin to irritate individuals who spend extended time in its presence. This may be true for employees as well as clientele.


Smoke damage and scents, in particular, can be detrimental to the health and comfort of people visiting or working in your place of business. Depending on the strength of the odor in question, the irritant may lead to sneezing, coughing, respiratory problems, or general dissatisfaction with the overall work environment. In especially potent cases, it may even be a catalyst for exacerbating asthma, allergies, or other pre-existing health conditions. Ultimately, the risks of forgoing odor removal are far too significant to ignore.


Once a need for odor cleaning has been identified, you must ensure that all of the scent’s sources are completely removed. This is especially important when the odor comes from fire damage, which can leave soot, tar, and other byproducts of fire in tough-to-reach places. The origin and severity of a fire may influence the extent of the odor cleaning required. Odor removal is a multistep process that cleans surfaces, carefully sanitizes impacted areas, and leaves the building’s air smelling clean and fresh.


If your Polk City, IA, business needs odor cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey today for more information about our odor removal team. Call us at (515) 262-7602 or contact us online for more information.