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Pack-Out & Temporary Storage in Des Moines, IA

In the midst of a disaster it can be easy to lose track of your precious belongings, family furniture, business materials, and more. Losing these items can feel like much more than a simple case of adding insult to injury during a tumultuous time. In some cases, it may mean losing precious family memories or suddenly being without a vital tool for work. With the temporary storage service from ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, you can rest assured that your essential items are safe and secure throughout the entire recovery process.

Pack-Out Services

All items are cleaned, photographed, and inventoried using our Xactimate® software to allow easy retrieval and maintain consistent organization. These steps also simplify the insurance process and help to preserve the condition of all items while in storage. Items are then carefully packed and stored in a secure, climate-controlled location.

Offsite Storage Facility

Utilizing a secure, offsite storage location, our team will carefully collect and store anything that may be at risk during the recovery process. This includes large items such as furniture or instruments, or small items such as antiques or heirlooms. Regardless of the item in question, our recovery teams will treat it with respect and handle it with care.

Following Temporary Storage

The reclaiming of one’s items is organized by our staff using a high-efficiency delivery service. Every stage of the pack-out and storage process is conducted to maximize the ease of the restoration process while simultaneously giving clients peace of mind.

Rest Easy with Temporary Storage

The pack-out and storage process at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey allows our restoration experts to thoroughly treat, repair, and clean a location without putting personal or professional items in danger of being damaged or dirtied. By pairing pack-out and storage options you can ensure that restoration is being completed unimpeded. To request temporary storage services, call us today at (515) 262-7602 or visit our contact page for additional resources.

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