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Plan to Protect Your Home after Fire Damage

Fire preparation can sometimes feel like planning for something that will never happen. But in the event of unexpected damage at your Polk City, IA, home, having a plan in place can reduce stress and help you feel more in control during the fire damage restoration process. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey recommends keeping an up-to-date fire plan for your home so that you can be ready for every disaster, even when it seems unlikely.

A fire plan isn’t only a mapped-out route of how to leave your home in the event of a fire. Though physical practicalities such as where and how you’d evacuate your home are an essential part of any plan, if that’s all you’ve considered, you may find yourself feeling lost after actual fire damage occurs. It’s a good idea to start with exit strategies, but you should follow these up with essential next steps such as whom to call or what happens after the fire is extinguished. With a bit of pre-planning, you can feel equipped to handle damage to your home that displaces you for a few days or even the sort of damage that requires rebuilding.

If you’re aiming to create a detailed and comprehensive fire plan, you should ensure that you’ve taken the steps necessary to track down any essentials that you could need after the fire. Vital documents, heirlooms, and other one-of-a-kind items should be inventoried properly for insurance purposes or stored in fire-safe locations. For documents and records, keeping secure, secondary digital copies is an easy way to plan ahead and save yourself grief down the line. Once you know that these items are somewhere safe but accessible, consider noting how to best access them in your plan. Scrambling for paperwork and trying to file claims during the fire damage restoration process can significantly increase the stress you’re under.

If you know where your documents are, you have a clear idea of how to leave your home, and you have your vital belongings inventoried, the final step is including contact information for local fire damage restoration services that you can trust. Shopping for damage restoration professionals after a fire is a hectic process. Having some trusted contacts included in your plan will mitigate excess pressure and help you get the damage restoration that you need as quickly as possible.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey offers comprehensive fire damage restoration services that you can rely on. For Polk City, IA, homeowners making fire plans or for residents who have experienced fire damage, our damage restoration experts can help. For information on our damage restoration support, call us (515) 262-7602 or visit our website for additional details.