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Getting Your Business Back on Track with Post-Fire Damage Cleaning in Pleasant Hill, IA

Reclaiming your Pleasant Hill, IA, business after a fire is a significant undertaking. Depending on the extent of the fire damage, your facilities may need to undergo structural repairs, major water damage recovery, and smoke damage restoration. But for smaller fires or for the moments after those big repairs are done, your business will likely need some serious TLC before it’s customer-ready. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, we handle every aspect of the fire damage recovery process, including the post-fire disaster cleaning that will leave your location ready for visitors and back on track.

After Major Fire Damage:

The fire damage restoration process can require a lot of heavy lifting. Once the big steps are completed, our fire damage cleanup teams go the extra mile and ensure that all remnants of construction work, smoke, or shrapnel are entirely removed from the premises. Major fire damage can disrupt a business and cause major stress for owners and employees alike. Rather than leaving you waiting or left with a mess, we work hard to fully restore your business to its pre-loss condition with our disaster cleaning options.

After Minor Fire Damage:

Small fires at your place of business can be deceptively troublesome, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to scrubbing all of your walls. Smoke and soot can stain and linger. Without intervention, fire damage from these byproducts can dull your walls, coat equipment, and create irritating and strong smells. While it may seem like a low-priority fix, unpleasant aesthetics and smells may drive away customers and even negatively impact employee satisfaction. Our disaster cleaning professionals quickly clean and restore spaces impacted by these subtler damages to their pre-loss condition without disrupting your work.

Regardless of the extent of the fire damage, its byproducts can quickly and negatively impact your business. Without intervention you may find yourself contending with interrupted productivity, losses in clientele, and dwindling business overall. In the event of fire damage, disaster cleaning can restore your location and restore your image all at once.

If your Pleasant Hill, IA, business has been impacted by major or minor fire damage, our disaster cleaning professionals can help. Business owners can contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey at (515) 262-7602 or they can find out more at our website here. Call today and jumpstart your recovery!