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Keeping Your Inventory Safe after a Disaster with Pack-out and Storage Services

Following a disaster at your Polk City, IA, business, you need to quickly take several steps after the damage occurs. Along with the obvious, such as calling the relevant authorities and contacting insurance representatives, you also need to consider where your stock, inventory, machinery, or furniture will be kept during your business’s recovery. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey offers full-service pack-out and storage options in order to preserve and protect all of your essential goods while disaster restoration takes place.


Pack-out and storage services are essential for businesses trying to recover from unexpected disasters. When carried out on a fast enough timeline, they can help you to save money on lost products, save time on replacing machinery and furniture, and ensure that you can resume business as quickly as possible following disaster restoration. This is made possible thanks to careful preservation techniques and precise organization like the ones we use.


Along with their removal from your property, items are systematically cleaned, photographed, and inventoried. These steps are taken in order to mitigate additional damage as well as to help you maintain careful records of your goods. All of these records are organized and easy to verify at the time of pickup and as you need them. We understand that keeping your inventory, equipment, and vulnerable items safe is a vital part of disaster recovery. Our organizational model provides peace of mind to you and your business partners throughout the disaster restoration process.


With all of ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey’s pack-out and storage options, items are kept in climate-controlled and protected locations. This ensures that even delicate or high-value machinery and goods are safe from additional damage or degradation. Our highly secure locations also reduce the chances of theft, vandalism, or other outside influences on your inventory during your recovery. Rather than leaving cleanup to chance, pack out and storage guarantees security for your business until you’re back on your feet.


If your Polk City, IA, business has been impacted by a disaster, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey’s disaster restoration professionals can help. For pack-out and storage options for your home or business, call (515) 262-7602 today or contact us directly online.