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Safety-First Hoarding Restoration for Families and Property Owners

Hoarding tendencies don’t generally develop overnight. The steady collection of items may begin as a hobby or a comfort mechanism, but it can slowly transform into an all-consuming way of living. For Carlisle, IA home or property owners struggling with hoarding cleanup, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey is here to lend our support.


Hoarding is often accompanied by depression, high levels of stress, or other health conditions that make cleaning difficult or virtually impossible. Our hoarding restoration teams understand that the hoarding process is delicate and complex. All of our hoarding cleanup specialists work with compassion along with health and safety as the primary goals of our services.


The hoarding cleanup process involves more than the removal of items and accumulated waste. Because of the nature of many hoarding scenarios, other health risks may be at play. Large collections of items in tight spaces can lead to excess dirt, dander, dust, and other particulates that exacerbate lung and respiratory conditions. If moisture has been introduced at any point, it can increase the risk for mold growth. Also, if food or biodegradable items are involved, it can lead to significant pest infestations.


With all of these factors in mind, our hoarding restoration teams prioritize item removal as well as sanitization and deep cleaning. In order to restore the space to its original level of safety, all areas are carefully cleared of potential biohazards and residue. For inhabited dwellings this means making spaces safe for families, and for property owners, this means creating a location that is clean, safe, and ready for further repair.


Regardless of whether the hoarding cleanup process has been requested by the individual themselves, close loved ones, or by property owners, the process will be completed thoroughly, safely, and with compassion. If you or a loved one has been impacted by hoarding, contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey today to learn more about our hoarding restoration options. Carlisle, IA home and property owners can call us today at (515) 262-7602 or contact us directly online for more information.