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How Smoke Damage Infiltrates Your Home

If you’re making a simple comparison between smoke and fire, you may all too easily write off smoke as the lesser of the two evils. Smoke tends to be the more subtle and low key of the two, and sometimes, you even may feel it can be entirely ignored. However, while smoke may not visibly consume your home, it does impact your quality of living and/or comfort even long after a fire has been doused. If your Des Moines, IA, home has been impacted by smoke damage, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey has the tools you need to restore the peace and comfort that you and your loved ones deserve.


Smoke damage is known for a variety of irritating characteristics, and investing in smoke damage removal is often the best choice as opposed to other alternatives, such as just waiting and hoping it clears up itself. Maybe most obviously, a major downside is the constant smell. Regardless of what type of smoke it originated from (cigarette vs. home fire, etc.), the odor of smoke is difficult to ignore and has the frustrating ability to be easily transferred to clothing, furniture, and just about anything that it comes in contact with. The smell of smoke alone is often enough to necessitate smoke damage removal, but unfortunately there’s even more damage caused by smoke than odor.


Along with being smelly, smoke damage also comes with visible detriments as well. Blackened, grayed, or yellowed surfaces are all possible after a fire, and smoke is one of the primary culprits. Even surfaces that may not have been in direct contact with the heat source can be discolored by smoke. And this type of discoloration is tough to correct, which is largely due to the worst of all aspects of smoke: its staying power.


Smoke damage is notoriously difficult to remove and hard to clean, even with a good amount of stubbornness on your part, thanks to the chemicals and particulates that smoke is comprised of. A wash or two may not be enough to extract it from your home, and without expert removal services, you may find yourself doing more harm than good to your personal belongings. Instead of just bleaching everything and starting over (which likely won’t do you much good), hire a fire damage removal professional, who may be just what you need to restore your home and get rid of the smoke damage once and for all.


If your Des Moines, IA, home or business is experiencing a lingering smoky smell, discoloration, or other signs of smoke damage, you may be in need of expert damage removal. Contact ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey today at (515) 262-7602 for more information.