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Start Fresh with Odor Mitigation After Fire Damage

When it comes to owning a home in Pleasant Hill, IA, it’s rare to find yourself enjoying the smell of smoke. On occasion the scent of a fireplace, aroma of a candle, or the satisfying sizzle of a frying dish might leave you feeling comfortable and pleased, but once the candles are out and the cooking is done, lingering smoky smells can quickly become a stress-inducing nuisance.


This is especially true when the source in question is from fire damage as opposed to something innocuous. If you can’t escape the smell of smoke at home, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey offers comprehensive odor mitigation that can give your house a fresh start after fire damage.


That distinct, acrid smokey smell produced by fire is composed of a wide variety of pungent particulates. Some of these particulates are little pieces of whatever burned in the fire, and some are the byproducts of chemical reactions that occur in extreme heat. Smoke by its very nature is an extremely effective carrier of these little particles thanks to the significant amount of water vapor present in its plumes. Even long after the fire damage has ended, smoke can carry stinky and smoky smells that may linger in your home for days, weeks, or even years.


Part of the reason that the smell of smoke is so insidious in a home is thanks to the many surfaces soot and residues can seep into. Carpet, wood, upholstery, and even some metals can preserve the smell of smoke indefinitely without careful intervention. Leaving windows open and employing regular vacuuming might help make a bit of a difference, but depending upon the extent of the fire damage, professional odor mitigation may be the only way to remove the odor completely. Even after relatively small fires, the foul smell of smoke can be stubborn and overpowering.


The unpleasant smell of smoke in your home can have a negative impact on your living comfort. It can affect how food tastes, how long guests want to stay, seep into your clothes and bedding, and serves as a constant reminder of the fire damage that occurred. Rather than spending every day reminded of the fire, consider odor mitigation the perfect solution for your home and wellbeing.


Odor mitigation is a multi-step process that includes careful and comprehensive cleaning that leaves your home fresh and welcoming to you, your loved ones, and all of your visitors as well.


If your Pleasant Hill, IA home is plagued by the lingering smell of smoke after fire damage, call the ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey odor mitigation professionals today at (515) 262-7602 to discuss odor removal options or contact us online for more information.