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The Dangers of Burst Pipes for Homes of All Ages

As winter settles in for Pleasant Hill, IA residents, the risk of burst pipes in your home tends to increase as temperatures drop. Along with this risk comes the potential for major water damage to your home that could displace your family for days or even weeks. When the unthinkable happens in the dead of winter, knowing you have someone you can rely on makes all the difference. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey provides comprehensive water damage repair to ensure you can get back to a dry home as quickly as possible following a burst pipe.


Burst pipes may not be especially high on the list of concerns for owners of newly built homes. When everything is new and shiny and working perfectly, it’s easy to think that you’ll be able to spot the warning signs before the damage is imminent. Reality, however, isn’t always so clear cut. Though some of the early warning signs may seem obvious, others can be more subtle, and they don’t only happen in older homes.


Burst pipes can, of course, be caused by old pipes, but that’s not the only risk factor. Any unexpected and excessive pressure in the pipes can lead to cracks, perforations, or bursts. This could be related to cold weather and freezing, but it may also be caused by clogs, decay, and deterioration. Regardless of the cause, the extent of the damage can vary by a large margin. In some cases, you may be dealing with hundreds of gallons of water dumped into your living room. But that’s not the only way that this type of water damage can materialize. Pipe-related water damage isn’t always dramatic, but it does always leave its mark.


When a pipe bursts or breaks, the immediate aftermath can be obvious and devastating, or it can go without notice until the damage is extensive. A small crack or leak can seep into the walls and spaces in your home that you don’t see. This in turn can lead to major water damage, mold growth, structural damage, and more, and the longer this goes on, the worse the damage becomes. Getting in touch with water damage restoration professionals is a race against the clock when burst pipes are involved. As soon as damage becomes apparent, immediately reach out and get help.


If a pipe bursts in your Pleasant Hill, IA home, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey is here to quickly help. Local residents in need of water damage assistance can call us today at (515) 262-7602 or contact us online for more information.