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Water Damage Mitigation with Comprehensive Water Removal

The process of water removal or water extraction following water damage in your Des Moines, IA home isn’t as simple as it may first sound. This is in part because standard home tools such as vacuums and mops are likely inadequate for the level of water extraction that your home needs. Without professional water removal your house can experience secondary, lasting damage that could have been prevented or mitigated.


With the water damage mitigation professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey on your side your home will be thoroughly dried and made safe and ready for the next stages of damage recovery.


Professional water removal employs experts, tools, and techniques that get the job done. By utilizing high-powered industrial pumps and vacuums, all residual water is extracted from even the most porous surfaces in your home. These tools are highly efficient which means standing water or significant flood damage is surmountable with the right know-how. But it’s important to remember that even small amounts of water in the home necessitate some form of water damage mitigation.


In order to prevent lingering water damage after a home disaster, comprehensive drying and disinfection is vital. This is because of the inherent risk for secondary water damage. Secondary water damage is caused by the residual impact of water in your home and can manifest as mold, rot, bacterial growth, and more. Basically, any amount of water or debris left over from water damage can take root and expand into a much more serious problem for your house.


Water damage mitigation, when done properly, takes both primary and secondary water damage into account. Our water removal teams understand that water damage can happen quickly, and unless you act fast, recovery can take a very long time. Beyond simple water removal, our water damage mitigation experts also prioritize deep cleaning and risk area treatments to prevent the growth of mold or further damage.


If your Des Moines, IA home has been impacted by water damage or is in need of water damage mitigation and repair, ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey can help. Call our water removal professionals today at (515) 262-7602 or contact us online for more information.