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What to Expect for Your Home during Water Damage Restoration

After water damage impacts your Norwalk, IA, home, the biggest question on most homeowners’ mind is: When is my home going to be back to normal? The answer to this question rests on a lot of variables, such as the severity of the damage in question, the origin of the damage, and whom you contact for help with the damage. At ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, our water damage restoration professionals carefully and comprehensively restore your house after water damage, and help you quickly return to the home that you love and remember.


Thanks to the sheer damaging power of water in places where it shouldn’t be, the water damage repair process is inherently complex. But the first step of water damage restoration is to completely remove any running and standing water from your home. This step may require pumps, hoses, vacuums, or fans, depending on the location and amount of water, and this task must be completed before additional repairs can begin. By removing all water, water damage restoration professionals can mitigate the potential for additional structural damage or other byproduct damage such as mold growth. Yet, even after the water is removed, there is still much work to be done.


The water removal process is often followed by a thorough cleaning. Because water is a highly efficient “carrier,” and depending on the originating source of the water, the water in your home could have carried anything from dirt and tar to sewage and other biohazards. So our cleaning process is careful, thorough, and leaves your home safe to enter for you and your loved ones alike. This cleaning step also clears away any debris or other materials that might impede the rest of the water damage restoration process.


Once your home is dry and clean, the final step is comprehensive water damage repair. This phase includes such tasks as drywall replacement, carpet removal and replacement, and/or floor repair. Or in some cases, this task may also involve duct and vent cleaning as well as mold removal and mold mitigation. Depending on the specific needs of your water damage scenario, the actual repair process will vary, but at ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey, our water damage restoration professionals will carefully guide you and your home through a complete recovery.


If your Norwalk, IA, home has been impacted by water damage, contact our water damage restoration professionals for help. ServiceMaster Restoration by Bailey offers around-the-clock support and assistance for all your water damage repair needs. Iowa residents can call today at (515) 262-7602 or by visiting our website for additional information.